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Third round (leg12) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

12th leg race to Nigeria masters: U. Anoruo maintains lead on the third day of  the tournament.


Anoruo is indeed doing a great job to make sure he remains the first on the top of the Leaderboard.

It’s the third day of the tournament and U. Anoruo still topping the board. His game round today earned him 2 over par (74); though not a very good game but it was able to retain him as the first on the leaderboard..




Coming dangerously behind in second place is D. Ali quite surprising how this relentless golfer rose against all odds from forth position to the second place. His today’s game round was a combination of 13 par, 1 bogey and 4 birdies to make an under course par (69)









Talking to the africantour correspondent, Ali said; “I am happy to have been able to make it to the second place on the board and I will be coming to the course tomorrow to make the cut because I see victory coming my way”.

With the unexpected twist in today’s game, could D. Ali make the cut and take over the board from U. Anoruo ? Stay tuned as we bring to you the final round of the 12thLeg of the Race to Nigeria Masters live from the luscious Arsenal Golf Course; Owerri.

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PROMOTION - 2022-03-31T144342.457.jpg
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