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Second round (leg4) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

4th leg race to Nigeria masters: U. Anoruo takes lead in day 2 of the tournament with +3

Leaaderboard 1.jpg

It’s the 4th Leg of the Race to Nigeria Masters still in the lovely city of Owerri. 8 players currently armed with their clubs Hopeful about hitting the greens and subduing this leg of the Race to Nigeria Masters. Topping the Leaderboard with 2 under par (70) is U. Anoruo, the excited player having struggled in his first round was able to do better in his today’s game, thrilled to maintain first place on the Leaderboard he plans to Ace his next round.

“tough day today but I'm glad it's better than my last round, we go hard on the course or we go home!” Said Ali who played a 2 over par (74) to topple J. Moses and claim Second place. 

It's only the second round and battling in 4th place is J. Alex and Onjefu. Both with a cumulative of 155, it's always exciting to see who succeeds in breaking out of the wild tie.

The atmosphere of the Arsenal Golf course and mood of most players was more upbeat than the last round. In the unpredictable but competitive game of golf anything can happen , stay glued to the website to find out as we bring you more live from the Arsenal Golf Course; Owerri!

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