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South East Shootout

Date : 12th-15th June

Venue : Arsenal Golf Club

City : Obinze, Owerri

Country : Nigeria

Prize fund : $25,000

Winner : $4,000

Round : 4

Par : 72

Tournament Condition


On the first two days of the tournament (Wednesday & Thursday), all players will play 18 holes of Stroke play each day in order to complete the course in as few shots as possible. There will then be a cut on Thursday evening.



The players who have displayed the strongest nerves of steel & skills on the golf course will then make up our weekend contenders. Unfortunately, for the rest of the field, the tournament ends here.

Your stroke play result will be added to your match play result which will determine your final position .




Survived the cut? Job well done. The real deal starts on Friday morning when the remaining players will be divided into two groups. They will compete in “one on one” stroke play matches over 9 holes (with each match alternating between the front and back nine holes of the course). All players who make cut will be paid according to the score at the elimination stage.


The losing player in each match will immediately be eliminated from the tournament. The winner will continue to the next round.


Three rounds of 9 holes will be played on Friday. This reduces the players to a total of 8 who will be ready to battle out the final on Saturday.


Each 9 holes match will be played in Stroke Play format. The player with the lowest score after 9 holes

wins. If there is a draw? A playoff will decide who plays for the next round. Game on!

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