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Third round of the Masters (Amateurs) tournament

Survival of the Fittest: U. Anoruo overtakes D.Ali on Day 3 of the masters tournament.

leaderboard day 3.jpg

The city of Owerri definitely just got hotter as the 6 players in the Masters tournament definitely turned up the heat to prove they are worthy of earning the title and the prize money.

It's been a tough day for D. Ali as he staggers down the leaderboard into second place after playing 6 over par 78.

"Though today wasn't that great for me I tried to remain calm and told myself whatever the outcome I would give it my best" Ali told theafricantour interviewer in a chat.


Moving up to number one on the leader board with a 1 stroke lead ahead of his closest contender is U. Anuoro. The hitter played a 3 over par 75 to move up to number 1, he Eyes the prize money and aims to win the tournament as he extends lead in Owerri.

Another magnificent Victory for J.Alex as he breaks in top three as he displaced J.moses on the leaderboard by playing a 3 over par 75. With three strokes lead ahead of J. Moses, J. Alex is optimistic of an even tremendous outting in the final round.


With an 8 stroke leading margin B. Gbadagesi whoops A. Okeoma back into 6th place on the leaderboard as he successfully with a 6 over and a total of 238. With the total displacement of the players in the leaderboard there's much anticipation as towards the finals tomorrow

In the survival of the fittest anything can happen, no one is spared! Stay tuned to find out who becomes the champion of the tounament.

u. anoruo day 3.jpg
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