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Final round (leg10) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

10th leg race to Nigeria masters: G. Inalegwu almost lost winning title due to a slack in the final round

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It’s the final round of the 10th Leg of the Race to Nigeria Masters and it’s been quite an experience for all as the tournament was indeed interesting and unprecedented. 7 players battled through the tournament for 4 days but just two was able to make the cut.

With the cumulative of 299 with +11 after 72 holes, G. Inalegwu made the cut and became the first person on the leaderboard. His game play in the final round earned him +2 (74).






“I am happy that I was able to end the tournament as the first person on the board and much more happy to have made the cut”, Inalegwu said in a media chat.









Following closely is B. Gbadagesi who with a score difference became the second person on the leaderboard. His game ended with a cumulative of 300 with +12 after 72 holes. He played 11 par, 5 bogey and 2 birdie which saw him finishing the round with +4 (76).

“It’s really a good way to get back into the tournament, am happy I came back to win after weeks of not playing on the tour. I hope to replicate the same energy in tournaments to come”, Gbadagesi said to the media.

It’s the end of the 10th Leg of the Race to Nigeria Masters and it is the culture of the African Tour to bring you excitement with our stunning tournaments, stay glued to the website for information on the next tournament.

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