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Final round (leg11) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

11th leg race to Nigeria masters:D. Ali looses winning title as he defaults on final day of  the tournament.

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It’s the final round of the 11th Leg of the Race to Nigeria Masters and 5 of the 7 players that started the tournament battled through the final round of the tournament but just one was able to make the cut.

With the cumulative of 302 with +14 after 72 holes, D. Ali didn’t just ended the round being the first on the leaderboard but also made the cut. His game was a combination of 11 par, 5 bogey and 2 birdie which saw him finishing with 3 over par (75).





“I am happy that I ended the tournament as the first person on the leaderboard and also made the cut, I hope to do better in subsequent tournaments”. Ali said in a media chat with the africantour correspondent.

Following closely is U. Anoruo who with 4 scores difference became the second person on the leaderboard. His game ended with a cumulative of 306 with +18 after 72 holes. He played 12 par, 4 bogey and 2 birdie which saw him finishing the round with +4 (76).

In a media chat with Anoruo, he seems pretty much disappointed for not making a cut but promised himself to do better in the next tournament.


It’s the end of the 11th Leg of the Race to Nigeria Masters, most of the players seem displeased with their performance but they’ve however done their possible best. Stay glued to our website for information on the next tournament cause I bet you wouldn’t want to miss it.

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