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Third round (leg13) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

13th leg race to Nigeria masters: D. Ali races to top on the leaderboard in day 3 of the tournament


With 35°C and mostly cloudy weather condition in the city of Owerri, 5 players continues to battle for the Race to Nigeria Masters 13th Leg.

Prior to yesterday game having U. Anoruo still taking the lead on the board, D. Ali refused to let him have his way in the third round by playing an under course par. Ali with 1 under par (71) made it to the top of the board. His game play was a combination of 14 par, 1 bogey and 3 birdie.



“It’s quite an interesting yet a challenging game but I look forward to coming victorious at the end of the tournament”, Ali said in a chat with the africantour correspondent.

Tying in second place is U. Anoruo and G. Inalegwu who played 1 over par (73) resulting in a cumulative score of 227 while Anoruo on the other hand had 4 over par (76) which saw him coming in at the cumulative score of 227 too after 54 holes.

Considering the fact that it’s only a score difference between the first and the second place on the leaderboard, there is a huge anticipation on who becomes the first on the board and also make the cut in the finals between D. Ali, U. Anoruo and G. Inalegwu, stay tuned as each players battles their way through the final round of the tournament. 

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