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Final round (leg14) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

14th leg race to Nigeria masters: Inalegwu races to top to win the tournament.


it’s been an interesting tournament so far as players stroll into the field, the atmosphere is filled with excitement and anticipation as players hope to give it their best shot on race to Nigeria masters leg 14. 

Anoruo whose hopes was high yesterday went so low in today’s game as he fell into second place giving way for Inalegwu to bounce back to top as he had said in an interview. 



With 3 over 75 Inalegwu was able to secure his position at the top as he started his game with a bogey in 1st and 17th hole , birdie in 9th 10th 12th and 16th holes , double bogey in 14th and tripple bogey in 5th hole. He had a cumulative of +9 after 72 holes (297) 

“I did my best and I’m happy I came out top on the leaderboard because Golf is not an easy sport it’s a game of mental Gymnastics “ said Inalegwu to the Africantour interviewer 

Coming in second place is U. Anoruo who played 74 in first round, 72 in second round and 74 in third round to take lead but defaulted in the final round as he went behind giving way for his closest contender to overtake him. He’s game today had a combination of 8 bogeys, 1 birdie and 1 double bogey which saw him coming with 9 over 81, to get a total cumulative of +13 after 72 holes (301)

“Anoruo told the Africantour interviewer that although he’s game wasn’t so great, he’s happy he didn’t go below the second place.”

It’s the end of the 14th leg of race to Nigeria masters, all players did well, but can do better in the next tournament. Find out who subdue the course as we bring you the next tournament. Stay tuned.

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