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First round (leg3) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

3rd leg race to Nigeria masters: J. Alex manages to lead in day 1 of the tournament

It's the 3rd Leg of the race to Nigerian masters and this must be the toughest opening matches in a long time. 9 players currently in the city of Owerri are having a difficult time subduing the Arsenal Golf course.

Topping the leaderboard with 5 over par (77) is J. Alex. The Player expressed his great dissapointment in his game style today. It was more than the bogeys which he hit three and scored a triple birdie on hole 5. speaking to the africantour correspondent, Alex said "this was a severely disappointing round. But tomorrow is another day we hit the greens!"

Coming close in second place with 1 score difference is D. Ali who played a 6 over (78) albeit his 6 birdies and a double birdie. Refusing to talk much in his media chat he's resolute on doing better in his subsequent rounds.

  There's a huge anticipation on U. Anoruo and G. Inalegwu who topped the second leg brilliantly but are lagging behind in this 3rd Leg. U. Anuoro struggles in a bottom tie with I. Okoh.


As the races rages on, find out if miracles do happen in the game of Golf as we bring you more live from the Arsenal Golf course Owerri!

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