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Third round (leg3) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

3rd leg race to Nigeria masters: D.Ali takes lead in day 3 of the tournament with +15

Leaaderboard 1.jpg

It's been a rather disappointing outing at the Arsenal Golf Course as players haven't been able to hit the greens successfully. 

The tussle between J. Alex and D. Ali continues as he topples Alex to rank ahead on the leaderboard. With 6 birdies, 4 bogeys to round of at a -6 over par (78) and a cumulative of 231 D. Ali is still not safe as anything can happen in tomorrow's final round.

Following closely is J. Alex whose game was put off by -10 over par (82) in a rather disappointing game. In a media chat with 9jaGolf the player sounded disappointed but is ready to leave it all on the golf course in tomorrow's game.

Tying on the tab with a cumulative of 235 is G. Inalegwu and J.Moses closing on 3rd place. .  In a media chat with Inalegwu he expressed his disappointment about today's game but holding out hope for the final round.

The round two of Race to Nigeria Masters seems to have been quite a stunner as some players saunter of the field disappointed but most optimistic. It's the Race to the Nigeria Masters, anything is possible!

Stay tuned to find out if round four turns around in favour of the golfers.

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