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Second round (leg5) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

5th leg race to Nigeria masters: J. Alex takes lead in second day of the tournament

It's the second day at the arsenal golf course in Owerri where players are on the Race to Nigeria Masters. It seems to have been a tough day for all as players struggle to hit the fairways and greens.

J. Alex tops the leaderboard on the second day by playing an Eagle, 6 birdies, he also had 3 bogeys, double bogey and a tripple bogey that earned him Course par (72) to have a cumulative of 2 over 146. 

Following closely at second is U. Anoruo, a very familiar player with 2 birdies and 7 bogeys, playing 5 over (77). The player would be ceasing this opportunity to prove himself. He doesn't start out really impressive but we're expecting the best for this player who has been dedicated to continuous growth and practice.

With a strong tie G. Inalegwu finishes with 3 over (75) to hold down his second place as top of the leader board. The resilient player would have to secure his spot on the leader board by moving upward or nothing. 
"I still have a few more rounds to break out of this tie and be the master of my game. I'm very hopeful" Inalegwu said in a media chat with theafricantour correspondent.


The round two of Race to Nigeria Masters leg 5 seems to have been quite a stunner as some players saunter of the field disappointed but most optimistic. It's the Race to the Nigeria Masters, anything is possible!

Stay tuned to find out if round three turns around in favour of the golfers.

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