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Final round of the Race to Nigeria Masters (Pro/Am) tournament

1st Leg of Race to Nigeria Masters 2022: 1st Leg of Race to Nigeria Masters 2022: J. Ibrahim wins the leg 1 of Race to Nigeria Masters.

It's the final day of the Race to Nigeria Masters and one player might not have subdued the course but has made the cut! 

J. Ibrahim with a cumulative of 292 with +4 after 72 holes made the cut to win 250,000 OOM points to take the lead in the tour OOM list. Though his final round was the most difficult of his play with 6 over (78), Ibrahim was ecstatic to have maintained lead and increased his points. In a chat with africantour correspondent he states that he hopes he outdoes himself in his next journey and looked forward to implement all he had learnt.


Following closely behind with 302 cumulative after 72 holes is U. Anoruo who also played a 6 over (78), not his best play so far as it seems to have been a challenging tournament for him. 


" I lost my footing after round 1 and that discouraged me a lot, it's been quite an interesting tournament. I look forward to playing more" U. Anuoro said in a media chat.

J. Moses a most hopeful player whose optimism and ability to rise like an underdog failed him at this tournament. With a total of 309 after 72 holes, he didn't stand a chance of making the cut. Disappointed but not discouraged. The Benue player looks forward to more victorious tournaments.

It's the end of the first leg of Race to Nigeria Masters and not all players would come out victorious. The stories of their efforts lay in the Glorious field of the Arsenal golf course. Who would subdue the course? Find out as we bring to you the next exciting Tournament!

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