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Final round of the Masters (Amateurs) tournament

Survival of the Fittest:  D. Ali wins the masters tournament for the first time

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In the lovely city of Owerri, three players having proved themselves as the top contenders in the just concluded masters tournament, would go home with the prize money for their hard work. The luscious green grass of the Arsenal Golf course, soaked with the sweat of Six Zealous players, would tell the story of those who defeated the course in the four day outing. 


With a total of 301, 13 over par through 72 holes is D. Ali. The optimistic player who started the game on high notes with a score of 1 under par in his first round, he built a two-stroke lead up until day three, where he faltered but recovered spectacularly to maintain his position as top of the leaderboard and would be leaving with a whooping cash prize of N250,000.

"I missed a lot of opportunities, but I'm excited that I could make it to top three, that was my ultimate goal at this tournament and I'm glad I could achieve that. I've learnt so much that I intend to execute next year. I'm grateful for this opportunity" Ali said excitedly during his interview.

Coming close in second place by a two-stroke margin is the resilient U. Anuoro. The player who anticipated a replication of yesterdays move up the leaderboard board faltered in the final round by playing 10 over Par 82. He ascended to the top of the leaderboard in the third round but failed to maintain it. .He is however, really excited to come out as top three in the tournament and would be leaving with a whooping cash prize of N150,000. He anticipates more from next year.

“I'm a bit disappointed by my golf performance today but I'm not discouraged, just more eager to succeed next year" Anoruo said.

It's not the first place, but it's the top and final three, and that's satisfactory for J. Alex, who struggled successfully to displace J. Moses to come out as top three in the survival of the fittest and would be leaving with a whooping cash prize of N100,000.


Following closely behind is J. Moses, who did great but didn't make it to the final top three But still stood first on the tours order of merit and would be leaving with a whooping cash prize of N100,000. With the highest stroke lead of 18 shots, he settles in fourth place, ahead of B.Gbadagesi and A. Okeoma, who rank 5th and 6th, respectively, on the leaderboard. 


It's been a exciting tournament with unexpected turns, but above all great wins for the top three players and first player on the tours order of merit. A delectable way to end the year, indeed. More to come in the exciting game of Golf next year. 2022 Schedule promises 52 events for both professionals and amateurs.

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